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Hair implantation
revolutionary new WAW FUE Technology
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Self-confidence. Attractive look.

If you are not confident enough, it has an impact on your whole life, on the efficiency of your work, and your private life alike. Phenomena like balding may greatly weaken your self-confidence. Thanks to modern technologies and highly qualified professionals, nevertheless, this is a completely remediable issue today that provides life-long result without the need of making a cut.

And the result speaks for itself and provides the look and self-confidence you need to succeed in your life.

Choose the most advanced hair implant technology, WAW FUE SYSTEM.

With the recommendation of László Hajas, master hairdresser

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The benefits of WAW FUE SYSTEM hair implantation

There is no horizontal cutting or scar formation.

Thanks to the state-of-the-art WAW FUE SYSTEM technology.

The least invasive intervention

There is no insensibility in the donor area and you can return to work immediately.
 Life-long result

A lasting result

No sewing and the treatment offers a lasting, final solution.

Natural, unnoticeable effect

Your friends will only remark that "Something is different," but they can't say what.

For us the satisfaction of our patients is the most importance!

Check out our successful projects, see our before and after images, and listen to what our patients say about the treatment.

Szabó András (Csuti)

A lot of people could take examples of the kind of empathy and attitude towards patients that I have experienced here.

“My choice was very good! I can only recommend it to everyone!”

Balogh Robin
First European IFBB MensPhysique Pro

 “I would have liked to prevent the escalation of my hair loss by all means in order to preserve my self-esteem and youthful appearance.”

The surgery was completely painless. I recommend this intervention to everyone who faces similar problems.”

Do you wish to be self-confident again? Do not hesitate, ask for a free consultation!

We work in an exclusive environment, meeting the highest technical standards.

The most state-of-the-art and efficient tools available currently on international markets are at our disposal.

Graft-based pricing

At our clinic, the price of hair transplant intervention is established on the basis of transplanted follicle units (grafts).

Why is this good for you?

Because a graft may contain several (1 to 7) hairs thus you can use our service at a more beneficial price in relation to hair-based pricing.

Thanks to the technology, the grafts are not damaged by their extraction.

Are you ready for rejuvenation?
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Guaranteed by the state-of-the-art technology

The procedure is essentially nothing else but the transplantation of scalp hairs, grafts from a viable area, genetically not exposed to hair loss, to areas of thinned or completely lost hair.

The technology used in our clinic may achieve 100% engraftment.

An answer to baldness that really works

Using the most up-to-date WAW FUE SYSTEM method, hair follicles (grafts) are harvested from the back of your own skull. Since these follicles are not sensitive to the hormonal changes that have caused the hairs on the top of the head to fall out, they will retain this property after transplantation and will not fall out later.

The extracted hair follicles (grafts) are cleaned, graded, and those containing most hairs will be replanted to achieve the best result.