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Quality. Expertise. Guarantee Professional solutions for hair loss and balding I-PRF therapy Hair implantation

Self-confidence. Attractive look.

A lack of self-confidence can affect your whole life, the efficiency of your work and your private life. Conditions such as balding and hair recession can significantly weaken your self-confidence. Thanks to modern technologies and highly qualified professionals, today these problems can be treated with successful results.


Our hair implant technology provides lasting results without making a single cut.

Our i-PRF therapy is a completely natural, non-surgical therapeutic option for clients with hair loss or hair recession.


The results speak for themselves and ensure the looks and confidence you need to achieve success.

Choose the most advanced hair implant technology, WAW FUE SYSTEM.

With the recommendation of László Hajas, master hairdresser

Hair implatation with WAW FUE SYSTEM

The procedure is essentially nothing else but the transplantation of scalp hairs, grafts from a viable area, genetically not exposed to hair loss, to areas of thinned or completely lost hair.

  • No cutting
  • There is no horizontal cutting or scar formation.
  • There is no insensibility in the donor area and you can return to work immediately.
 Life-long result
  • Natural, unnoticeable effect
  • A lasting result

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IPRF Therapy
Against Hair Loss

A completely natural, non-surgical therapeutic option for clients with hair loss or hair recession. Treatment with iPRF can increase the growth of hair roots by stimulating regenerative cells and other cells in the vicinity of the hair roots.

It has a gentle, gradual but lasting and cumulative effect


  • It is a non-surgical treatment.
  • That means no cuts or scars.
  • It provides a natural effect.

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We work in an exclusive environment, meeting the highest technical standards.

The most state-of-the-art and efficient tools available currently on international markets are at our disposal.

For us the satisfaction of our patients is the most importance!

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