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Those who have already chosen us

Lajko Norbi - 1019 graft – 3118 hairs

„Really, I can only recommend it to everybody, there’s nothing to fear. During the treatment we were in high spirits, it did not hurt at all. Good atmosphere, very special environment”

Burai Krisztián  - 1581 grafts - 3919 hairs


“Really, I can only recommend it to everybody, there’s nothing to fear. During the treatment we were in high spirits, it did not hurt at all. Good atmosphere, very special environment

Szabó András (Csuti) - 1959 graft - 4827 hair


“I think a lot of people could take examples of the kind of empathy and attitude towards patients that I have experienced here with New Hair Budapest.”

“This was a very good choice! I can only recommend it to everyone!”

Haller János - 1182 graft - 3219 hair

professional hair stylist

 “I feel younger; hair makes the man. It gave back my self-esteem absolutely. I, as a hairdresser see that beautiful hair makes people much happier and gives them confidence. For us men, only hair transplantation can help if we have problems with balding.
So this is really a very cool stuff.”

Balogh Robin - 1155 graft - 2884 hair

First European IFBB MensPhysique Pro ​

 “Since about 3 years I have had intensive hair loss, which has become rather frustrating for me. Due to my job, appearance is very important for me. I would have liked to prevent the escalation of my hair loss by all means in order to preserve my self-esteem and youthful appearance.”

The result of hair implant is immediately visible. Only 1 month has passed since the intervention and the natural result can already be seen.

N. Csaba - 2151 graft - 4427 hair

6 months after the treatment

V. Ákos - 1999 graft - 5342 hairs

F. Péter
Frist treatment 2088 graft - 5778 hair, Second treatment 1488 graft - 3804 hair

Before the treatment, I had doubts about how long the results would last. After a year and a half, I convinced myself that this was a long-term solution. You feel at the clinic that you are constantly in safe hands. Very professional attitude.”

Horváth Sándor Zsolt
Frist treatment 1121 graft - 2938 hair, Second treatment 420 graft - 1078 hair

„As a result of an earlier surgery, there was a spot in my hair and I became more and more confused over time, so I was looking for a solution to this problem.

The result is natural; it can’t be noticed.

From a distance of one year and a half I daresay that it was a good decision”.

Rácz Péter
1343 grafts - 3301 hairs

On the day following the intervention I continued my normal life, I had only to avoid intensive sports for 3 weeks.

My hair grew nicely, practically up to the last strand I had implanted.

I can safely state that the whole intervention is absolutely worth the energy.”

F. Dániel 1232 grafts - 3039 hairs

8 months after the treatment

Sz. Anett818 grafts - 1824 hairs

7 months after the treatment

B. Levente 1642 grafts - 3864 hairs

7 months after the treatment

Sz. Lionel928 grafts - 2932 hairs

B. Sándor 1243 graft - 3022 hairs

6 months after the treatment

H. Gergely2106 graft - 5109 hairs

Photos were taken before second treatment and 12 months after the treatment .

J. Zoltán 1117 graft - 2529 hairs

Krisztián's letter

About me: I used to live in competitive sports, I had been a Hungarian national athlete for years. I have been living in international business in recent years, working with the world’s economic elites.

It is important to note that this text has not been written for business considerations. I knew before neither Dr. Zsolt Krasznai nor Dr. Eszter Rékasi, who was performing the surgery, I was driven only by my positive experience. Above all, it is the helping intention that those who read it, make a good decision and do not run into the wrong street when choosing a clinic to perform the surgery.

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