Hair transplant prices at our clinic

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At our clinic, the price of a hair transplant procedure is determined on the basis of the transplanted follicle units (grafts).

A graft may contain from 1 hair to even 6-7 hairs. The hair/graft ratio on the donor area is an inherited aptness. This ratio can exactly be established upon having started the intervention.

The average ratio is between 2 and 3, mostly about 2.5.

We can transplant a limited number of grafts to an area of a certain size, it does not depend on the number of hairs in the graft. Therefore, we are able to specify the required amount of grafts, and with this the price, at the preliminary consultation more precisely than on the basis of the number of hairs.

1 graft in average = 2.5 hairs

Prices of hair transplant:

500 – 1099 graft 700 Ft / graft
1100 – 1499 graft 600 Ft / graft
1500 – 2199 graft 500 Ft / graft
over 2200 graft 400 Ft / graft

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